For several centuries, masterpieces from Bohemian glass delight their admirers. They are prized for their rare refinement, crystal chime and undeniable uniqueness.

Many greats of this world prefer to see Bohemian crystal Bohemia on their festive table, admiring and letting everyone around them admire it. Back in the distant 13th century, the first Bohemia dishes appeared. These were high-quality products made from natural ingredients, but they were produced in small quantities. And only starting from the 17th century, when more progressive technologies appeared, Czech glass Bohemia became famous in all European countries. Today, thanks to their excellent qualities, the creations of Czech glassblowers have won worldwide fame. Bohemian crystal at


Benefits of Handcrafted Bohemian Crystal


  1. Transparency. Glass Bohemia Czech Republic is absolutely colorless, homogeneous, which is achieved by adding a certain amount of pyrolusite. This mineral gives a special shine to glass objects, prevents the appearance of turbidity, making the products perfectly transparent.


  1. Melodic sound. Bohemia cookware has a characteristic feature — when touched, you can hear a crystal-clear sound, reminiscent of a tuning fork, with a slowly decreasing amplitude. This is one of the hallmarks of the authenticity of Bohemian glass.


  1. Uniformity. Bohemia Czech crystal consists of well-chosen elements, which excludes the ingress of air and foreign particles. Even colored Bohemian glass has a uniform predetermined shade, without any errors.


  1. Cost. Dishes from the Czech Republic Bohemia also attracts with an affordable price. Anyone can purchase inexpensively these high-quality, excellently designed tableware.


Bohemian crystal products are one of the most popular types of tableware, which is suitable not only for home, but also for table setting in restaurants and other catering establishments. Dishes and other products made of this material are distinguished by their harmonious forms and unsurpassed design. These handicrafts include:


-sculptures, souvenirs, candlesticks;

— carafes, glasses, jugs;

— candy bowls, fruit bowls, cake bowls;

— glasses, wine glasses, glasses;

-decorative tableware;

-Wall Clock;

— buckets for champagne and ice, as well as other kitchen accessories.